cyanotype thumbnail Cyanotypes - this is one of the earliest methods of 19th century photographic printing. Some examples can be found here

van dyke print thumbnail Van Dyke Prints - this is a method similar to cyanotype but is an iron and silver based print.Some examples can be found here

printing out paper thumbnail POP - Printing Out Paper. These prints closely resemble albumen (egg white) prints from the 1800's but are made using a gelatin surface with a high silver content. Some examples can be found here

more about contqct printing thumbnail More About Contact Printing - for a bit more information about contact printing as opposed to enlarger printing, click here

lith print thumbnail Lith Prints - Lith printing is a slow, and often unpredictable, method of making 'black and white' prints. When they succeed, an array of colours is possible, even though using black and white paper. Some examples can be found here

modern enlarger prints thumbnail Modern Enlarger Prints - The prints here are done in the 'modern' (pre-digital) method of printing smaller negatives using an enlarger but with old lenses. Some examples can be found here

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